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Hi! I'm Lyka Joan :)

I am an Apostolic faith believer. I believe in a One True God. I don’t just wake up having this faith but it is God who gave me a spiritual discernment to know the truth. In fact, I was not nurtured in a typical Apostolic Christian family (but I prayed and hoped that I was). Well, God has reasons why He gave me my family now, why He allowed for different things to happen in my life, and why He chose me. And I will be sharing more of my personal experiences in my future articles (putting all the stuff here will take us forever!).


I was in the darkness for quite a long time. Don't get me wrong, I may have sad experiences in my life but I did have a couple of good experiences, as well . I had finished a Bachelor's degree, had a decent career, had traveled to many places, had at least provided for my family financially, and the like. I thought this was life about. But life is beyond all the happiness and satisfaction in this world.


It was my aunt and my grandmother (from my mother's side) who brought me to Jesus' feet. My aunt would often bring me to youth camps and conventions and fellowships, while my grandmother would constantly remind me to go to church and talk about Jesus Christ.


I was baptized in the name of Jesus Christ 16 years ago (that was during my high school days…ahemmm, you can now at least estimate my age!lol!). And since then, I turned over a new leaf. Life became different.


But just like anyone else, I still sin. The path to Jesus was never easy for me. The world's pleasures keep on haunting. And I keep on falling to the trap.


And recently the Holy Spirit convicted me, and moved me tremendously. It was an unexplainable feeling to be filled with the Holy Spirit! There, I surrendered my entire life to Jesus, and it was a done deal. I am no longer living to satisfy my flesh, and to gain the world's riches but to praise and worship Jesus Christ - - - my One True God!


It is in my prayer that God will continue using me especially in winning souls for Him. I can't wait to be home with my Father.


5 Interesting Facts About Me ;-)

  1. I am not athletic but I love to go on hiking and trekking. If you need a trekking buddy, I am just here! ;-)

  2. I am generally shy but I can be your talkative friend! I just need a little time to warm-up.

  3. I love hearing the computer keyboard's typing sound. It is relaxing for me!

  4. I love to write and compose songs for Jesus Christ. Some of my compositions are in YouTube and in the Music menu. Go check them! :-)

  5. I appreciate it so much when people open up to me. I feel like they trust me and it is priceless for me.

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​I am hoping to hear from you soon.


​Cheers! Xoxo

Lyka Joan


Featured Articles:

Take A Pause

by: Lyka Joan

When things don't go your way,

And life is not okay,

Take a pause, and pray.


When you feel it's not your day,

And the answer is a nay,

Take a pause, and pray.


When you're tired of the cliché,

And you think the option is to be away,

Take a pause and pray.


Never doubt the power of prayer,

And have faith that He will answer!


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