Do You Pray For Your Ideal Partner?

Tall. Dark. Handsome. These are the most overused adjectives uttered by women when asked about their ideal men. Not sure though if all of them are serious but I am sure that there's more to these physical aspects.


I have been praying for Mr. Right. They say that prayers should be specific so that God will give you a partner with the exact qualities that you are looking for. I have been asking God so many qualities that I want for my soon-to-be partner.


More than anything, I want a man who has the same faith and belief as mine. I personally believe that a harmonious living begins with a  couple who are one in spirit. A man who fears and obeys God sums up everything. If he honors God, then I know he will respect and love me the way I should be respected and loved. He will be the best partner who will fight life's battles with me. And a great father to our future children who will help me nurture them.


I don't ask for a rich man. But a man who is financially stable and who is a good provider is ideal for me.  Hypocrisy aside, I also want to have a good living and as much as possible not to experience financial difficulties.


I'm an explorer and loves to try new things. And I'm praying for a partner who will support my endeavors or it would be better if he can embrace all those things that I love doing, dream with me and achieve success with me. Too idealistic, huh? But this is possible, right?


Life is tough, we all know it is. I always want to be with a man who has a good sense of humor - - who will make me laugh whenever I am down, and who is positive when I am feeling negative.

When it comes to the physical aspect, of course, I'm not going to lie but I also want to be with a man who is neat and pleasant. I don't dream for a handsome man or a hunk (well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder though!). I just wanted a man who's right for my beauty. ;)

I don’t know how to find the man of my dreams. I don't know when I will meet him. But I am open to all the possibilities, willing to meet and date somebody whom I think is a compatible. Above all, I have to pray continuously about Mr. Right and ask God to put my love life in place.


We all have an ideal partner.  But let's all remember that we can't have it all at some points. Your ideal partner may not be the right partner that God wants for you. Whether He gives you what you're praying for or not, I am confident that He will give the best for you.

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