Raised to Life

I lived; little did I know, I was dead.

There is more to our existence than just doing the routine. I thought life is just about going to school, finishing a degree, building a career, and acquiring possessions. Honestly, I was forcing myself to embrace this kind of set-up because I felt something was missing. I felt a vacuum deep within.

I wandered to find the missing piece of my life. I immersed myself in the world’s standards because I thought I just needed acceptance and belongingness. I allowed the world to transform my lifestyle so I can please everybody and in turn, give the satisfaction that I was longing. I tried hard enough to fill the emptiness in my heart. I failed.

Until Jesus Christ stepped in.

I didn’t know what He could do to give me what I was looking for because in the first place, I was also unsure of what was going on in me. But a voice was telling me to allow Him to work. And so I did because I was desperate.

I admit I wasn’t ready to unchain myself from the world. I got anxious separating myself from my old habits because even if I felt incomplete, I was getting comfortable with the way I used to live. But part of me wanted change.

I was tired of living an empty, useless, and sinful life. I didn’t know how and where to start fixing the hidden, damaged side of me.

Then I heard this Scripture.

Then Peter said to them, “Repent, and let every one of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. - Acts 2:38 New King James Version

The above may be easy to understand by an average human being. However, it takes faith and God’s revelation to fully grasp the Word and follow the order. I couldn’t comprehend the Scripture at first. Why does God require so much? I asked.

Until God gave me a revelation of His Word.

Repentance is more than turning away from sin. It is an act of surrender. I had to surrender my old self so God can give me a new life. I had to surrender my past so God can give me a better present and a flourishing future. I had to surrender my pride and allow God to change me.

Baptism is more than an immersion. It is an act of faith - - - faith that Christ can wash all my sins away and restore me.

I longed for the Holy Spirit for God said His Spirit will transform me and will give me the confidence to fight the enemy. God didn’t fail me, He poured out His Spirit. His Spirit gives me the strength and direction to fulfill His plans for my life.

Turning to God was the best decision I had made and will still be the best decision in my lifetime.

Being baptized doesn’t make me perfect. I am still in my sinful nature. I am still capable of making mistakes. But whenever I fail, God would remind me that I was once in the grave and was raised to life with Him. Truly, His mercy and grace cannot be fathomed.

To Jesus Christ, the one and only God, be the glory!